What we do

Weekly General Body Meetings

We believe that a global perspective and sophisticated understanding of international affairs are crucial in the 21st century. To build a broaden our knowledge, CIAS holds weekly general body meetings to explore current topics in global affairs, often with guest speakers such as foreign dignitaries. These discussions are open to any members, new and old. We welcome anyone with an interest in international affairs and new members do not need experience in debate or global policy to engage in discussion.


CIAS supplements its travel team with its own conferences on campus and abroad that focus on enhancing delegate experience, for which we rely on innovative committees, experienced chairs and dais, and creative crises. The Cornell Model United Nations Conference (CMUNC) serves high school travel teams that desire to test their skills against other teams every spring. In the fall, the fast-growing Cornell International Affairs Conference (CIAC) brings college travel teams to Cornell to test their mastery of diplomacy. Recently, CIAS has also started to expand abroad, with the first edition of CMUNC China taking place in Chengdu in Spring 2017.

Leadership Opportunities

As a club on campus, in charge of the logistical planning of small and large events, CIAS offers a large number of leadership opportunities that span from conference planning to executive positions. Due to our large size, all members are encouraged to occupy positions that reflect their strengths. We are an organization committed to leadership development.

Careers in the Public Sector Expo

Each Spring, CIAS holds the Careers in the Public Sector Expo, where attendees can learn about opportunities that match their interest areas in the field of public service and international development. 

Luncheons Sponsored by Einaudi Center

CIAS members are often able to take advantage of invitations to special luncheons with the impressive array of guest speakers that the Einaudi Center brings on campus each semester.

Social Events

CIAS takes pride in having a close-knit community of members who are friends as well as peers and co-workers. Every semester, CIAS holds a wide variety of official and unofficial social events in order to welcome newcomers and maintain an active membership.  


CIAS is a large place, so we make it more personal with a mentorship program that pairs new members with experienced ones in a "family-"style system.


Who are we?

Our members have diverse backgrounds and hail from nations across the world.